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2015 promisses

This year started with a bang for the GIP, fireworks in the mix and all…

A mandatory ritual in the beginning of each year is contemplate the cold weather and try to decide which promise we want to take a shot at fulfilling running against the clock. For this year, i will keep my spirits up and made my mind with three topics.

The main objective is trying to pull of three drafts from scratch, written by me. This is the year that writing will take the center stage and besides updating the blog almost daily i will try to become a machine of expelling words faster than i can blink. To keep up a good mind and preventing from going insane i will commit to stay active and do exercise the whole year. It’s gonna be a bummer but it’s an effort i have to make.

The last one comes from the last year, not planned. I found a cool list that makes reading a book more than just a number but also an objective. Because it’s a lot different the premise of reading a book that you mom loves than reading a book. I found it adorable and to keep one objective per book it goes to 50 books. Here is the list on the website it’s originally from: 

This is all i got now, hopefully it wasn’t that bad. Share your thoughts with us and let’s make it together.

May The Almighty GIP be with you,



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