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[Dec14] Ciilvie

Big Hero 6


-> Definitely, a Disney Movie. A well structured movie, incredible animation and filled with action without ever being boring, and by doing so, makes both children and adults enjoy this major picture.

From here on there are Spoilers.  

Before any big analyses it’s important that the viewer keeps in mind some things. First, that this is a movie made for kids, it’s main audience. Second, that it is a light action movie. If you keep that in mind while going to the theater near you, you are gonna have a great time! In terms of cinematography and animation there is nothing to point out, Disney’s reputation is well know and as usual the landscapes are so well made and realistic that sometimes they looks like a picture taken by someone.

San Fransokyo it’s mix of San Francisco and Tokyo that brings to the table an excellent hybrid that i find it natural. Those cities seem to be born to mix and create new dynamics. Even though most of this is the work of Stan Lee and Marvel you can’t take away the credits for the great way they portrait it in a new platform.

The duo of protagonists functions perfectly. Baymax it’s a robot with a life purpose of taking care of humans health, a creation of Hiro’s brother, that passes away in a tragic accident. With adorable looks and a fluffly with inflatable body, that reminds me of a pillow, Baymax appears in a very troubled period of Hiro’s life and creates a good debate, the importance of a healthy mind. Health is more than just a healthy body, you also need a good and happy mind to function. At the beginning it may seem like a plot tool but a bit ahead gains a larger importance to the growth of the protagonist.

After finding out the identity of the villain, Hiro feels the need to avenge it’s brothers dead at any costs. Even if it causes a conflict between Baymax purpose of life and his, who becomes uncooperative at this stage. Hiro is then forced to rethink his actions and face himself, creating the most deep conflict of the entire movie. The little street thug goes to a period of grieve that makes him bitter and thirst for revenge that he is forced to overcome over time, for the sake of saving himself. It’s a linear growth that makes him a good conduit of the plot.

The central topic is revenge, presented in a realistic way. It’s an empty feeling that nothing brings to the ones that seek it and just consumes the soul. I feel that Hiro letting go of it’s grudge it’s a good message to it’s audience.

The other characters don’t bring much to the table but they do what they are suppose to and they never drag the story down, so i will give them a positive note. They are functional and effective. The actions scenes are well coordinated and they fill the screen. The comedy it’s smart and fresh, better that many so called comedies fail to do, and makes you laugh with honesty. I did found some topics heavy to the genre but they were a bold move that paid off.

Favorite Moment:

If Baymax was on the scene, it was already my favorite.

Key Moment:

Hiro’s dilemma and the revelation of recordings of Tadashi’s experiments and upgrades until he got a fully functional Baymax. It brought back the reason of the creation of the robot and allowed the redemption of the protagonist.

May The Almighty GIP be with you,



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