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YA Novels – Author Trouble

Have you ever though how it’s common it is for the main characters of the first YA Novel resembles so much of the author? I found some examples to clear things for you.

-> Stephanie Meyer and Bella: (Twilight)

The similarities are something out of this world. This is by far the best example to this topic.

-> Veronica Roth and Beatrice:

Those two look like long lost sisters. I haven’t realized it when i was reading the book but if you think about it they do have very similar physical traits. And this picture is the best example i can find. (I couldn’t find the description of Tris, word by word, and i don’t have the book with me.)

-> John Green (in general but especially Miles Halter)

In case you are wondering, Miles description is very skinny, medium height, brownish hair. Nerdy. (John made it very clear by the end of the book that his own experience in boarding schools was crucial to the book)

Don’t get me wrong, i don’t say people shouldn’t write about what they know, it’a a bit easier than just writing about something unfamiliar and being force to do a lot of research. But for me the real issue is that it crosses a dangerous line, if the author puts this much into it’s character, how many of this character isn’t him? A book is not the author but if the author has such a big impact/influence on the main character, normally the narrator, then perhaps the narrative becomes subverted and for me i thin that is a problem. But maybe is just me.

May the Almighty GIP be with you,



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