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#16: Video Game Challenge

Game with the best cut scenes

Any game with a great story deserves this prices but maybe i will give it to Heavy Rain since it was the first that appeared in my head. =)


4 thoughts on “#16: Video Game Challenge

  1. I don’t agree. There is a lot of gameplay but since the decisions you make influence the game you can have moments close to cut scenes but were actually triggered by you. A bit like the telltale games.

  2. While the strict definition of a cutscene is moment that lacks interactivity, the quantity of moments that allow control rather than narrative prompting seems rather small and I feel applying the textbook definition just won’t cut it.

  3. True.
    But i still count those moments as gameplay. It is a decision i made in a game. There are many games like this nowadays, it’s a whole new category.

    Many others that i remember from strong cutscenes are from games that have a similar model to this one. It does move me and makes me remember them and are generally a consequence of my decisions on the gameplay.

    I think it’s fair in this category.

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