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While the GIP is busy trying to figure out how to play video game, i feel very upset. I mean, i procastrinate a lot and i can’t get focused and god knows i need it to get 50.000 words until the end of November. So now i need tips. Anything is worth a shot, how can you stay focused if you are feeling very sleepy. Ok, got that ideia all step up? Get ready… Coment!



Enquanto o GIP está ocupado a aprender a jogar video jogos, sinto-me aborrecida. Apenas estou a vaguear na net, sem fazer nada, enquanto preciso de escreve 50.000 palavras até o fim de Novembro. Portanto preciso de ideias. Nesta altura experimento qualquer coisa, digam-me como posso manter-me focada. Têm já uma ideia? Preparem as teclas… Comentem!



3 thoughts on “S.O.S

  1. Sleep a lot one day for you not to feel tired and then really push yourself to doing one thing. It can be tough in the beginning, but as you work it will get easier to make efforts.
    Or you can have a day out, meet someone you haven’t met for some time…
    I don’t know, i’m not a very good example.

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