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#05: Video Game Challenge

Game character you you feel you are most like (or wish you were)

For the first time i got to think it through… I never wished or recognized myself in any character, but i think it would be fun to be a Sim someday. Life is just so simple in there. 😉


5 thoughts on “#05: Video Game Challenge

  1. The notion of the blank character that everybody can role play as is an enjoyable one, I never myself went for the whole make yourself in a game thing all that often. I know me, I know all about me, ME isn’t invigorating to explore a wide open world, the hero of my creation is.

  2. I understand you, i think that a character in a video game doesn’t reflect my personality.

    I just choose The Sims because it’s simply fun. It’s a very silly game. xD

    Thanks for leaving a comment. You rock!

  3. You are damn right I rock.

    When you have a game that lets you do so many different things with your avatar like The Sims, I can see that making them like you could provide some hilarious role playing implications.

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