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This week a long run manga has come to the end. I have to confess i was a fan of the story and followed the story in the manga after watching the anime. It seemed diferent than anything i ever watched before and kept me interested enough to watch the following chapter.

Unfortunately, the story line got so confuse after a point that it seemed that the author just kept throwing things in the plot just to make it last longer. Nothing wrong with making the story a bit bigger but the finalization of the ideias that, in my view, were just delaying the manga’s ending, were wraped up pretty quickly and the ending was not good for me. It felt rushed and the last epic fight just seemed like a repetition from previous ones. Even though it was the ending i was hoping it still felt strange.

Dispite a last rough year, this story is still worth mentioning for it’s value for reviving the forgotten manga industry to the masses and for it’s creativity. The little hyperactive orange ninja made a long run. Congrats, Naruto.

May the Almighty GIP be with you.


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