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Selling the dream

The world is not here to grant you wishes, most of the time.

So instead of showing what it is like, why do we keep selling dreams? The fat paycheck you may get one day from your awesome job that is everything you imagine and more. The hot chick/guy you will marry and live a happy life together. Or the cool hip stuff you can collect.

No, the world is not a wish granting factory… It’s a machine made to keep the world as we know alive.

To feed the pigs. Us, i must say. And you might be shocked with my comment that remarks the similarity with such dirty creatures or may be outraged of the communist impplications of my argument. But the thruth, my friend, is that we are to numb to realize that we are just the clients of the big schem of selling dreams. Most of our dreams are related to material beings, those things that are the ultimate symbol of all we hope to achieve on day.

And then, we get struck by reality. The terrible monster that set the record straight. Oh no! And what we do when reality kicks in? We ignore it like the well trained suines we are. Insted of trying to cope we simply turn on the computer, the tv, the console and submerge ourselfs in that great world of fantasy pretending to be the heroes that struggle through obstacles in the confort of our bed or couch. That is our drug. What keeps us sedated. What keeps us sane. In this grey world where corruption stinks so bad that not even the most refined perfume can hide, just makes it even more dreadfull.

And what happens if it fails?

Then we get depression, axiety, and all the diseases that affect so many people nowadays. But they are more than just final products. No, you understood it wrong. They are the symptoms. The grand fatalities of the lack of a more powerfull drug than fiction. When dreams don’t cut it and the body full of the sweet medicine fails, then the grim reaper dances with joy. But we are numb.

Just too numb.

So, let’s keep selling our most realiable product and keep this infinity decrepit circle while we still can.

Don’t forget to smile for the picture.

May the GIP be with you.


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