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Embracing the hate to come

But, for real… FUCK MARGO!

I apologise in advance to all the Margo’s i might encounter in my life but Paper Towns made me hate that name. I am so sick and tired of having to read that name over and over again in those damned pages. I bet if you drink a shot everytime the word Margo shows up in that novel you would probably take 5 years to reach the end of it. Probably it would make it more fun in the middle of the book where nothing happens except Quentin whining and bitching about how everyone in his life is so sellfish because they refuse to drop everything to live and breath Margo.

And that gurl was a true idiotic egocentric moron with no respect for anyone in her life. She was just a kid how can’t face her problems and runs or do stupid things to seem brave or cool. I can’t believe that they wasted so much time looking for her.

So my rant ends here and if i hate Looking for Alaska i will do the same again.

Peace out Bitches



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